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Reasons of Stress During the IIT Exam

Reasons of Stress During the IIT Exam
Tue Jan 11, 2022

JEE Mains is the entry-level exam for the IITs and the JEE Advanced is the subordinate level exam for the IITs. JEE Mains and JEE Advanced both exams are equally important for the selection into IITs.

IITs are one of the most prestigious institutions in India. At the IITs, you can acquire world-class quality education from the best professors in the world at the lowest price. 

If you want to get the best packages in the country then you must keep your eyes on the IITs. The institution also provides scholarships to financially weak students. You'll get to know and can interact with the best minds of India at IITs. Engineering Classes in Gorakhpur focus on the maximum selection of their students into IITs. 

Syllabus of IIT Exam 

IIT exams are conducted in two stages and different sessions in India. The entry-level JEE Mains exam is conducted four times in a year from the last update. The exam is conducted in online mode for three hours in a single session. JEE Mains syllabus is NCERT based and the exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency(NTA). 

The JEE Advanced syllabus is slightly different from the JEE Advanced syllabus. The JEE Advanced exam is supervised by the IITs themselves. This exam is more based on the analytical and logical thinking of students. Not only MCQ but also different types of problem-solving questions are asked in the JEE Advanced exam. The exam is conducted in two phases each of three hours, which clarifies that the total duration of the JEE Advanced exam is 6 hours. The Best Coaching Institute for IIT in Gorakhpur conducts test series for practice and better performance of students in the final exam. 

Most Probable Reasons for Stress 

The most probable reasons for running out of stress can be:

  • You know that the JEE Advanced exam demands a deep understanding of a large number of topics which can create trouble for aspirants.
  • High cutoff and lowest selection rate of the exam can cause worries to the students. 
  • Daily practice and assessment can bring back your peace of mind. 
  • Backlogs and health issues can drop down the confidence level of the students.
  • Lack of time management and guidance can also cause stress to the candidates.