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Avoidable Preparation Mistakes for IIT-JEE Exams

Avoidable Preparation Mistakes for IIT-JEE Exams
Tue Jun 22, 2021
Momentum Gorakhpur

With the IIT JEE preparation strategy and tips, it’s equally imperative to focus on common preparation mistakes aspirants make while preparing for the test. Aspirants can significantly build their JEE scores and level up their position by not committing the accompanying errors.

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1. Neglecting to adhere to the JEE Syllabus

The JEE Exam won't ever test your understanding of different subjects that are not a piece of the syllabus. While preparing for the test, it is extremely simple to go off course and study things that are not included in the syllabus. This will end up being a major exercise in futility and energy. So, ensure you know the correct JEE Syllabus so that it can save you time.

2. Less consideration regarding NCERT Books

NCERT is a good book for the competitors preparing for JEE assessment. It is the most crucial guide for preparing for JEE Exams. There is a probability that you will discover questions dependent on or like NCERT solved illustrations and practice questions. You can find some of the questions of the biology subject as they are from the NCERT books. 

3. Estimating progress depending on the preparation hours

Try not to check the number of hours, rather Count the quantity of MCQs which you had the option to endeavor effectively. Check the number of inquiries that at first made you feel confused, yet now you are sure with which idea to apply in it. At last, the number of right answers will include in JEE Result.

4. Disregarding the parts that you find hard to comprehend

There is an expression that says 'the most ideal approach to tackle an issue is to confront it. JEE is a national-level assessment with high competition and scores in the legitimacy list varying by little edges. One basically can't stand to chill out in the JEE preparation.