10 Ordinary Mistakes Students Do While Preparing For IIT-JEE 2022

10 Ordinary Mistakes Students Do While Preparing For IIT-JEE 2022
Thu Apr 14, 2022
Anjali Panchal

Achieving a good position in the IIT exam and getting admission to the best IIT college is a big dream for many engineering students in this contemporary era of competition in the education sector in India.

Have you ever faced any difficulty while preparing for the IIT exam? Certainly, IIT-JEE is one of the toughest and most competitive exams that require a lot of preparation and the right path to attain the goal.

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In this post, we will tell you some common mistakes or hurdles aspirants face while preparing for the IIT exam and suggest some ways to avoid those errors in preparation and attain the best possible results in IIT JEE 2022.

Bypassing JEE Syllabus

We have seen students often skip the actual syllabus and try to comprehend topics that are irrelevant and not part of the IIT syllabus. This will definitely prove to be a big waste of time and effort because JEE exam will never test your knowledge beyond the syllabus. So, before preparing make sure you know the exact syllabus patterns and topics & try to focus on the same with full attention and care.

Refer Irrelevant Books

Scholars who don’t often enroll in an IIT coaching institute or classes usually end up purchasing a huge collection of IIT-JEE exam books as well as some question papers of the last few years to get an idea of the exam patterns, and topics, syllabus, and frequently asked questions. Though it is a good approach to study one topic from different aspects during the time of preparation, it could be a time-consuming task. We recommend you, instead of going for multiple books, stick to the basic foundations via the NCERT books and consult only one or two books that are well-known IIT Coaching Institute in Gorakhpur or suggested for preparing for IIT JEE 2022.

Unequal Importance to All Subjects

This is a very crucial concern. We have seen so many students who love to study subjects they are good at or familiar with. Coming out of your comfort zone always gives fruitful results. So, instead of avoiding hard & tough subjects, study hard on those matters and make them your true friends like your favorite ones.

Inappropriate Timetable

Well, timetables are always effective since the school days and this will work here as well. IIT JEE is like a marathon and the right planning plays a key role in moving forward to achieve your goal. A consistent study approach is useful when it comes to preparing for the IIT exam. It doesn't matter if you have studied for two days or nights then ignore preparation for the next few days. This will not be worth it. Instead, do study on a regular basis and persistently & certainly you see results over a successive period of time.

Improper Guidance

Self-preparation is of the utmost importance while preparing for any exam. But, sometimes, it might not be a great idea to practice without any support, guidance, or the wrong approach. A proper direction from the reputed and highly-reviewed IIT coaching institute is necessary because they will guide you about all the learning approaches, tips & tricks that will surely be helpful in your end time of exam. If you live in a small town in UP or nearby places where you don’t find sufficient teaching solutions & also don’t want to waste your precious time traveling then, Momentum IIT-JEE|NEET|Foundations is the right choice.


This is another mistake students often make. They work only on the hard topics and avoid the friendly or easy ones on which they have proper command. This might lead to major setbacks. So, we suggest all engineering students prepare an appropriate timetable and distribute equal time to all the subjects. Keep on practicing at regular intervals so you would not face any undesirable outcomes.

Avoid Performance Measure

We have observed engineering aspirants who are fully entitled to classroom activities but forget to measure their weekly or monthly performance. This is the most important step in fulfilling your dream to become an engineer in the future. Timely mock tests force you to figure out where you are lacking and know about the traps laid by the examiners. So, try to give as many mock tests and closely measure your performance to learn from mistakes and don’t repeat them again.

Not Clearing Doubts

Some students are introverted and feel shy while asking doubts to educators. This is not a good approach. You are spending your parents' hard-earned money. We suggest you make sure complete use of the resources or services offered at your disposal. Try to indulge more and more in classroom activities and interact with teachers as much as you can.

Hopefully, we believe these common tips will help you to achieve your career goals in a better and more organized way without feeling stressed or depressed.