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Should Students quit Social Media to Crack JEE NEET

Should Students quit Social Media to Crack JEE NEET
Mon Mar 15, 2021

Do you like investing energy in social media like Facebook or Instagram? Is it true that you are dependent on Telegram or Snapchat? Do online media influence your test preparation? In the event that yes, it's ideal to quit online media to crack JEE or NEET test.

However, in the event that you have the control and order, utilize online media temporarily during study breaks, either for diversion or inspirational purposes; at that point, you don't have to stop using web-based media.

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Weaknesses of Social media Sites for JEE/NEET Competitors

  • Social media are perhaps the greatest distractions in JEE/NEET preparation. Whenever utilized excessively, you can lose concentration in whatever you study.
  • Web-based media is addictive. The notices, remarks, responses, all these are the highlights that are intended to attract you to invest more energy in these stages.
  • For certain individuals, web-based media is a brain catcher. If you post something, your brain gets attached to it. Then, you keep on checking likes, comments, and shares. And these frequent checking can ruin your preparation.

How might JEE/NEET applicants utilize web-based media for their potential benefit?

  • Here are a few different ways to utilize online media gainfully for JEE/NEET:
  • Students can collaborate with trainers to clear questions, sharing tasks on a stage like WhatsApp.
  • Applicants can join helpful Facebook groups for posing queries, planning, and tips. (Dodge groups that post a ton of posts that might be unimportant for you).
  • Applicants can follow on Twitter or Instagram page which gives study tips, tests, and most recent news regarding the exam.
  • For inspiration and motivation aspirants can follow a Pinterest Board for JEE/NEET.

So these were the points that will help you to understand why not to use social media very often. The tips mentioned in the article will aid you to know how to use social media effectively for studies.