Tips to Increase your Logical Skills for IIT JEE Exams

Tips to Increase your Logical Skills for IIT JEE Exams
Wed Dec 15, 2021
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About IIT JEE Exam pattern- Application based questions

JEE Advanced exam is conducted by the IITs to offer admission into Engineering, Science, and Architecture courses. Usually, application-based questions are asked in the JEE Advanced exam. To solve the IIT JEE question it's important to be focused, logical, and put maximum Intelligence Quotient (IQ). 

JEE Advanced exam is conducted in two papers, each of them is for 3 hours. That means in total the JEE Advanced exam is for 6 hours Both MCQ( Multiple Choice Questions and numerical value type questions are asked in the JEE Advanced exam for a total of 342 marks in each paper. 

Use Mnemonics

Mnemonics are used to convert longer versions into short ones so that they can be learned easily. You can use mnemonics to learn different concepts and facts so that you can memorize the whole concept within no time. You can also create your own Mnemonics as per your ease of learning.


Visualization of concepts and questions can simplify them multiple times. Most of the time application-based questions are solved on the visualization ability. Students with better visualization ability can solve the question easily and in comparatively lesser time. Visualization is one of the important skills for solving questions easily and effectively. 

Mock tests

During mock tests question practice with time management is exercised during the mock tests. Top 10 IIT Coaching in Gorakhpur designs their mock test papers to increase the logical ability and efficiency of the students. 

Goal-oriented study

The goal-oriented study helps students to be focused and work efficiently in the given time. The targeted way is the best way of working and studying. Maximum Intelligence Quotient(IQ) is applied to solve a problem in a fixed time. 

Practice sheets

JEE Advanced Coaching in Gorakhpur provides excellent questions based on logical thinking. JEE Exams pattern and syllabus is completely followed in the Practice Sheets