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How to Probe Errors after giving NEET Mock Test?

How to Probe Errors after giving NEET Mock Test?
Sat Aug 21, 2021
Momentum Gorakhpur

A Summary of your errors is vital after endeavoring a practice/mock test for NEET. Without appropriate review, you will undoubtedly repeat a similar error in the following test.

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At the point when you commit an error, there are just 3 things you should at any point do about it: let it be known, gain from it, and do not repeat it.

Probing Errors after Attempting NEET Mock Test

Make a habit to examine the errors of each mock test you give. You can keep track of breaking down botches after endeavoring the mock test for NEET. To know the errors:

  • Make three Segments: 

Segment 1: Marks Analysis 

This incorporates the marks you get in every one of the subjects, for example, PCB alongside a point by point probe of 

Correct: Partitioned into sure-shots and fluke.

Incorrect: partitioned into fluke, theoretical mistake, bubbling blunder.

Segment 2: Your weak points

Note down the points where you need applied lucidity or which you didn't concentrate well!

Segment 3: Improvement 

List of points you wish to accomplish in your next test. This can incorporate using time productively, trying not to bubble blunders, and so forth.

And you know this doesn't take a lot of time. Yet, the time you dedicate here will help you a great deal over a long time!

Furthermore, to get more details about how to analyze the mistakes you committed in your NEET mock test, you can get in touch with us. Er. Sanjeev Kumar and our faculty members are here to let you know all the essential things that you should know before and after attempting a mock test