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5 Effective Tips To Study With Momentum Courses

5 Effective Tips To Study With Momentum Courses
Wed Oct 05, 2022
Neha Rakheja

These two exams play a crucial role for those who dream of engineering as a career. More than ten lakh students take the JEE mains test, out of which only 20% get the chance to appear in JEE advanced. These intelligent students can join engineering institutes, such as IITs and NITs. The examination is regarded as one of the most challenging exams in India. As a result, it becomes crucial to prepare well. Coaching is quite beneficial because it saves time and guides you in an accurate direction. Momentum is one of the top providers of IIT Coaching in Gorakhpur. However, there are several paths you can prepare appropriately. Let us mention some strategies that you can follow to excel at JEE.

JEE Main is an online exam with objective-type questions. There are 90 questions in total. There will be 30 questions for each subject; the subjects in the test are physics, chemistry, and mathematics, which we study in +1 and +2 of CBSE.

While attending classes at the best IIT Coaching Institute in Gorakhpur, you can start following the suggested strategies.

NCERT books:

These books serve as a foundation for the JEE exam. It would help if you highlighted or jotted down some essential ideas and concepts from these NCERT books. More than 60% of questions in JEE mains are asked from these, which makes them necessary to read. These books can act as a pathfinder for your preparation. The toppers also suggest these are the best sources to start with. After finishing the syllabus books, you should start looking for reference books.

Choose reference books suggested by toppers:

Reference books are the best source for cleaning fundamentals and also act as an efficient element for dealing with advanced problems and formulas.

RD Sharma, Arihant publications, and OP Tondon Are some excellent suggestions from toppers at Momentum.

Explore online:

The web is one of the most incredible sources of information. You can attend live classes and find study materials in docs and PDFs for all topics, watch recorded lessons, and many other blogs and articles regarding JEE preparation. All these resources are available on the coaching Centre's official website. Students can access these sources after enrolling in the institute's courses.

Revision and clarification on concepts:

Practice, persistence, and diligence are a few crucial aspects of success: revision assists a student with remembering concepts and basic formulas. The formulas are essential to solving specific problems from basic to advanced. You can clear your doubts and understand basic to advanced concepts at the institute.

Previous year questions:

It is a highly significant factor in preparation. After going through a few question papers, the students will be able to understand the structure and marking technique for each subject. It will give you an understanding of your performance and also teach you time management skills. These are simply available online, or you can access previous years' questions and techniques to solve all problems at the institute.